Get Your Message Across
Our grassroots techniques include creation of electronic distribution systems for issue education and action alerts, coalition building and coordination of like-minded groups and individuals, establishment and maintenance of key contacts, as well as Congressional and agency outreach programs.
Congressional Lobbying
The Meredith Advocacy principals have secured millions of dollars in earmarked federal funds for a wide range of worthy projects including transportation infrastructure, agricultural research, water resources, green energy production, and economic development. In addition to obtaining funding for projects...
Whether legislative or regulatory, the Meredith Advocacy has a proven track record of success and can accommodate your public policy needs.


Meredith Advocacy was founded by John Meredith—son of civil rights icon James H. Meredith.  The firm’s mission is to provide resources and guidance to businesses, grassroots organizations, and individuals looking to influence the public policy process.

Our unique approach, facilitating mutually beneficial working and personal relationships with lawmakers and regulators, helps our clients quickly become valuable resources among those creating the rules under which they live and work.  As such, they are often contacted and asked their opinion regarding pending legislation or rulemaking.  Meredith Advocacy clients have:

  • Provided congressional testimony for committee hearings and roundtables
  • Hosted educational briefings for congressional staff
  • Negotiated legislative language that is now public law
  • Secured implementation of industry best practices in regulatory guidance (TEGL)
  • Become industry or issue resources to a number of congressional offices
  • Become leaders among their peers and policymakers through coalition involvement

Whether your objective is crisis management, building working relationships with members of Congress, enacting legislation or influencing the regulatory process, our decades of experience in all levels of the public policy process will prove invaluable to achieving those goals.

Meredith Advocacy’s portfolio of client issue areas include:

  • Immigration
  • Small and family-owned businesses
  • Civil and human rights
  • Healthcare
  • Energy

Over the years we have managed a number of other issue campaigns not mentioned above, so please do not hesitate to contact us should your issue not be specified.