Key Staff

John Meredith, CAE (Ret.) – President & CEO

John Meredith, CAEBefore founding the Meredith Advocacy Group, John spent twelve years advocating on behalf of social and then business issues in our nation’s capitol, winning two national advocacy awards for his efforts— the Legislative Champion Award and the Advancing Arboriculture Award. He began his public policy career at a Washington “think tank” where he specialized in education, property rights, and environmental issues. His ability to communicate complex policy concerns in terms anyone can understand quickly made him a popular guest on issue-driven radio and television programs, and his articles began to appear in a variety of media sources. As a result, John has developed solid working relationships not only with Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle but also policy makers at many regulatory agencies.

A strategic innovator, John has led more than one national coalition whose advocacy effort resulted in Congress enacting the client’s language into law. He organized and chaired a national coalition of 21 organizations advocating passage of job creation legislation. Then, as co-chairman of an even larger coalition advocating reform of employer-based visa programs, John led two successful efforts to enact emergency relief legislation for businesses dependent on seasonal labor. He has also been instrumental in securing federal funding for agricultural research, payment guarantees for construction industry subcontractors, the extension of Daylight Saving Time as well as the creation and management of numerous political action committees (PACs).

John’s popular all-inclusive training programs have been invaluable to a number of associations and issue-driven citizen groups who have employed the tactics taught to influence the law and policy makers that set the rules under which they live and work. His Lobby Washington From Home program, a one-day training session that includes locally scheduled congressional appointments, once received mention in a national publication.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson’s work history in policy as well as campaign environments affords him a unique perspective to advocacy efforts. As a veteran Hill staffer of both individual and Committee offices, Kevin provides expertise in parliamentary procedure, Committee mechanics, and regular order. His years representing small technology companies and non-profit organizations have honed his ability to leverage seemingly proprietary concerns into issues that win national coalition and/or congressional support.

Kevin’s primary issue areas include healthcare, federal funding, regulations, and national security as well as advocacy development and activism. However, he also meets client needs in the areas of libraries, museums, parks, and transportation.